Wednesday, December 29

I'm annoyed. REALLY annoyed.

A few evenings ago I met a friend of my parents, an 'academic' (very well read, well travelled, the usual) whom I respect very much.The conversation meandered to the usual ‘so what next? After college?’. When I told him about my intentions of entering the ‘fashion world’ he scoffed and said ‘like Paris Hilton?!’. Now I don’t expect everyone to know the ins and outs of the fashion world or even understand why anyone would feel a ‘passion for fashion’. But the condescending attitude! I have struggled with trying to help people understand that I’m no Paris Hilton nor do I care to be like her (eugh!). The minute you say ‘fashion’ you’re a dumb person. And people like Anna Wintour have had to deal with the horrible notion of a ‘fashionista’ being a moron (The September Issue starts with her talking about it).Who dares call Anna the Magnificent a 'dumb person'! And yet the Goddess herself has battled the stereotyping (any hope for us lesser mortals?!).There reached a point when I said to myself “Fuckit. Who cares what people think. YOU know its more than that and the whole bloody fashion world knows its more than just some stupid girls (and gay guys) playing dress-up”. But I’ve had enough. And I don’t care who reads this post but I feel like I have to vent my anger somewhere. And those who do read this- listen up.

So. Heard of ‘FNO’? The one night (and one night only!) shopping gala that Vogue organises? Recession had hit the world with one epic, resounding backhand slap and like everyone else, designers and fashion houses found their coffers running dry. So clever, clever people at Vogue came up with the idea of having a night of shopping. And this was Vogue so it wasn’t just plain ol shopping at lame-o Select Citywalk. This would be shopping but with glamah. The shine n sparkle and exclusivity (its Vogue, desingers and ONE night only) of the whole thing would draw people to it. For the Haves, it would be a night to go out with friends, sip on some very good champagne and drop some crip green (daddy’s or hard earned..who cares). For the Have-nots..the mystical world of fashion remained inaccessible and the fabulosity of it all was retained.

As it turned out, with the right backing of Vogue+desingers+models (New York saw an army of fierce-as-hell models parading down the streets…talk about glamour-us!) , FNO was a riproarin success. And it happened again this year. And not just in the ‘fashion capitals’. Our very own D-town (Delhi. In case you’re wondering) has seen two FNOs and very successful ones. So there. NOW tell me if people in the fashion world are stupid. While the rest of the world was floundering under the reign of Recession the Terrible, the fashion world survived. And I’ll tell you why. Besides some clever moves and grooves, it is because EVERYONE loves fashion. You can diss it all you like but open the latest issue of Vogue (Carine! Grace! J’adore!...but I’ll save that for another time) and you’ll be swept away by the brilliance of it all…at least for a while.

Now. It is one in the morning and I must return to my painfully large pile of readings (exams immediately after the holiday season..have you EVER heard of anything more cruel?! More on that later). So my fellow lover of Fashion this rather random blogburst is dedicated to you. All of you. It’s a F-U to all those pseudos who put us down or write us off as vacuous. I’m not sure if my argument was particularly convincing… but I believe it… live it and I will stick up for it!

Ciao!..till the next blogburst! ;)


  1. This seems to be an extension of our conversation the last time we met :D (which was waayyyy too long ago btw). Love it. Keep proving them wrong, yo.
    I'm listening to Winehouse and not studying AT ALL.

  2. you bet i will! Winehouse is the babe..beehive, cocaine and deadly voice!

  3. I stumbled on here from Oona's post and I'm really liking your blog :)
    I SO get what you're saying; it really sucks when people are so quick to judge and especially when it's academics. I mean, you're supposed to be at least a little less ignorant. And guess what, it only gets worse if you're a guy.

  4. This was a really fun read!
    I know how condescending people can get and it only get worse as you grow up and start working in the industry. But you learn to be your own person and live life on your own terms. I'm guessing you've already chosen the higher road, so kudos! :D

    btw kickass pics over at Oona's. Such a denim-whore!

  5. Thanks guys! I really do believe that fashion is so much more than what people misinterpret/misrepresent it to be! Thank you for all your appreciation over at Oona's!

    @H: I'm in love with your blog! You have a distinct flair that comes across and makes your blog super fun!! Keep it up :)