Sunday, July 24

I cant believe she's gone..

I was watching the news with my dad - killings in Norway, English doing well in the test series, Amy Winehouse is dead. I let out a little shriek of disbelief and sat their with my hand clasped to my chest. Tears started rolling down my cheeks. Quite involuntarily. My dad of course, had no idea who Amy Winehouse was and thought I was upset either by the tragic news from Norway or Tendulkar's quick dismissal at Lords. 

How could I explain to my dad that the world had just lost a troubled but beautiful and immensely talented spirit. I felt the same way when I heard of Alexander Mcqueen's death. How could these people, so brilliant, so successful and so well-loved hate themselves so much? It was perhaps the fatal combination of talent and sensitivity. With talent came fame, which turned their sensitivity to fragility. In Amy's case, drugs and alcohol seemed to provide her temporary solace from the ugly side of fame. An easy way to mask her fragility from the world. 

 Amy was no role model and never claimed to be one.  In a world that often lacks originality, Amy's style stood out.I remember listening to the Back to Black album when it first came out. It was a trying period in my life and Amy's bold yet fragile was a source of immense comfort and strength.Ironic, really, as these were the exact things that she was crying out for. The downward spiral had begun and every time I heard of yet another 'Amy disaster', my heart would bleed for her a little bit. 
She was a train-wreck by the end and her last performance in Belgrade(or the lack of it) was a disaster. Drunk, stumbling and pathetic, she had become a joke in a world that is far from kind. 

I hope she is remembered for her unique music and not for the disaster she had turned into towards the end.She was an immensely talented and incredibly messed up young woman who could not hear her own cries for help.
In spite of her shenanigans, Amy was a class act.

Amy, I hope you finally find the peace that escaped you in your lifetime. 

                                                   R.I.P Amy Winehouse

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  1. I am no fan of Amy Winehouse and to be honest haven't even heard of any of her song (I think so). But truely from the news around, i think she was a true followers of her own mind. I agree with you. Sad that some genuine people had to die but i guess that's the catch that keep them legend.(Just my thought).
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