Wednesday, March 2

Dior: Ciao! Galliano

So its out. The beautiful magician is a foul-mouthed, racist drunk.I've just seen the video post The Sun put up which has caught the designer in the act. Galliano is clearly off his face drunk and sounds like a petulant child, saying horrible things for some attention (calling someone 'ugly' sound like a stupid high school bitch G). He is clearly a disturbed person and perhaps time off from the glitzy world of fashion will do him some good.

The Sartorialist made an interesting point- Dior probably knew more than they were letting on when they dismissed him. I just hope he gets the helps he clearly seems to be shouting out for.I really hope this does not sound the death knell on his career. We do love his frothy, fabulous dresses.But the idea that these exquisite pieces of couture are coming from someone who really wants to dress the world in striped pajamas, is scary an repulsive.

It'll be interesting to see who takes Galliano's place at Dior... all this drama bang in the middle of the fashion week season! More importantly..CAN anyone do what Galliano did for has been a long relationship and one filled with drama, i'm sure.The end of any long association brings with it some serious upheavals and it'll be interesting to see what Dior does with this opportunity for change.


  1. Loved the line about striped pajamas... wah wah K.

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  3. the man might be a genius and everything,but there's no excuse for his behaviour,and anti sematic/racist remarks are totally unacceptable!
    and being a nice person is way more important!well,atleast in my books!
    also,like peter parker's uncle said,'with great power comes great responsibilty',and galliano should have maybe lived by this saying!!

  4. I'm so glad he's leaving. Aside from his shenanigans at that bar, I didn't particularly care for his work. I need to see Dior from a new light now. It became to mainstream and regular for me. Got bored. You know what I mean?

  5. @ the sartorial diary: i totally agree with you and Peter Parker's uncle could not have been more wise. But a part of me still feels a little sad. Don't get me wrong. My political views are totally sorted and I truly believe there is no space for this sort of horrid rubbish. I just don't think Galliano's politics are as messed up as his brains are. Sort of the same thing i guess...but you know what i mean? I dont think he is really a neo-nazi type. Just in need of some serious therapy asap!

    @Dhruv: I like Galliano 's work..but i see your point. Dior was in need of a fresh breath of air and in some ways, this was a blessing in disguise. Get rid of the troublesome diva because of his own stupidity!