Wednesday, March 23

The Louis Vuitton Auto

I was kicking myself for not carrying a camera. Y'know, like a cool blogger, ever-ready to capture a great fashion moment. This was probably better than a pretty, well-dressed girl and I DID NOT HAVE A CAMERA ON ME! So here I was, with my friend Kavya, super stressed and super late for a placement test. At the opportune moment, every auto in Delhi decides that they just do not want to go to Okhla..or where ever it is that the damn test was happening. I was on the verge of breaking into i-give-up tears when this PIMP-ED OUT auto pulls up.That auto made my day. It made my life worth living!

I hopped in with K, my mind preoccupied with test-stress when..Stop! I had to look again to believe it. The entire upholstery of the noisy lil auto was done in (fake, of course) 'Louis Vuitton' leather. The LV logo, adequately morphed to establish its fake-ness, was ALL OVER. Forget the silly interview, I just saw something that would give all the kitsch-queens a run for their money- a Louis Vuitton auto! Don't you just wish I had a camera (or the brains to use my phone)? Yes, at the best of times, my brains are at my knees!


  1. If you're going to be my muse this absent mindedness is not going to work han? Haha. I WANT TO SEE A PICTURE OF THAT AUTO. :\
    Need you here. Come soon. Xxo,

  2. I'm kicking myself for not taking a photo! the auto guy cheated me though so i was a little mad at him. But full marks to his taste- rexene, fake 'loois veetun' upholstery. Bloody brilliant!