Monday, April 4

Let it be known from the start that this tale is not one for the fainthearted. It is a tale of the dangerous allure of fragility and youth. Of virginal innocence being lost to dark, sinister forces. Innocent curiosity and youthful exuberance was what Mother had warned against! The end is not a happy one and this must be declared at the outset. Take your place as the audience to this tragic massacre…or walk away.
Our story begins with the death of young April. April…where does one begin to describe April! She was the irresistible combination of innocence and adolescent sensuality. The little girl in her wanted to play with her ribbons all day long, but a little voice inside her egged her on to take just one little peek into the Forbidden Woods behind the House. Mother had warned her about the Big Bad Wolf that lived in those woods. And April was a good girl! She always listened to Mother! But on that spring day, there was something in the delicious, golden light that emboldened little April. She could no longer contain her curiosity..

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