Thursday, April 7

Paint the town blue 'cause baby red is so passé!

What do you when submissions begin to get on your nerves and there is a gorgeous camera lying around? You escape from it all and indulge in some serious self -obsession of course! So that’s exactly what we did when our equally frazzled neighbour, Ayang,dropped by.
The result was, we decided, our very own campaign for ‘Gucci cigarettes’!

Carine Roitfeld, if you’re looking for someone to work for you on the million cool projects you are doing with your new found ‘freedom’ post-Vogue…you know where to find me!

Speaking of designer ciggies, look what i found...YSL cigarettes! They're SO chic you just have to light up!

ALSO:Carine…what is she up to lately? I mean, she seems to be everywhere! I read somewhere that she is doing a Chanel campaign with Freja Beha Erichsen (the campaign is, in Lagerfeld's words, 'genius'!) and Barneys’ new campaign-slash-Muse and that she may move with Hedi Slimane to YSL (that is IF Slimane moves to YSL!)…phew! That is a lot of porno-chic doing the rounds!


Jacket:resurrected from deep in my closet...god knows how it got there!
Top (barely seen):H&M
Photographer:Ayangbe (with creative inputs from Roomie)

P.S: kids, DO NOT SMOKE!;)


  1. I'm so lucky thaat this piece of fabulosity is my 'girlfriend'. ;)

  2. @ H: hellsyaa! ;)

    @ V: hellsyaaa! :*

  3. EVERYONE is going to want to smoke after seeing this. WANTS the shoes!! Because of exams bullshit we must go shopping i need therapy. KL might be the coolest man in the world.

  4. Love the shoes, love the cigarettes and love the girl in the photographs! :D
    ayang did a good job!