Monday, April 4

“Oh April! Who did this to you?! I warned you about the Big Bad Wolf! I wish you had listened to me you silly, silly girl!”

And there she lay, little April, her eyes carrying a secret no one would ever know, still clutching onto her precious ribbons...

Photographer: Prianjali (a.k.a Roomie)
Model: Shrea
Stylist: Your's truely

Note: This post was inspired by Sofia Coppola's 'The Virgin Suicides' with a hint of Lolita and Red Riding Hood! The dress, with its tulle,lace and ballerina-esque vibe... the pretty afternoon light, all seemed extremely suggestive to me.It was too pretty to be entirely innocent! But the story does not end here. More innocent lives will be claimed by this deceptively beautiful light!


  1. LOVE IT! Love the story and the styling. And Piju's photographs are awesome, specially the first 3.

  2. Very nice dude :) I love it too it's so sweet I can imagine you jumping up and down in your pretty afternoon light. oh WHAT would I do without your 'oh my god its so preeeeeteee' kav. Awesome everything-photos,model and style.

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